Thrilled to Interview Wonderful Musician & Composer Jimmy Calire on TV

I’ve been thrilled and honored first to be interviewed by an award winning local TV station, and then to serve as a guest host to interview others. That’s an experience I never thought I’d have! Here is my interview of the amazing musician, composer and arranger Jimmy Calire (who among other things toured worldwide with the famous band America)(and you will see I am wearing my “Love You by Nicole” kaftan):

In our interview, musician, composer and arranger, Jimmy Calire, speaks about his experience touring with the band, America, in the 1970’s, including also starting with Raven in the late 1960’s (Columbia Records), and his experience with Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker, BB King and playing with Jimi Hendrix. I like that Jimmy is a natural mentor, discussing how he learns pre-existing music and the software he uses to help him. He also talks about “farming” or growing an idea. He also talks about the universal nature of music, as well as the role and purpose of music and offers practical advice to musicians trying to build a career. Such an honor to get to know Jimmy better!

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