My TV Interview about Jewelry Design Airs 5x This Week

Expert jewelry designer John Muscarella couldn’t have been more informative about the new world of jewelry design, talking about 3D printing and jewelry design, the many different colors and types of gemstones and precious metals, what chemically enhanced and artificial gemstones are, and more. Thank you John! Here is our interview:

John Muscarella lets us see jewelry as a creative art form that blends creativity with technology, gems and precious metals. With respect to technology, the interview shares the role of the computer and computer software (also called CAD – computer aided design) in jewelry design, including also a brief discussion about 3D printing machines and CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines in jewelry design. The interview also goes over the 5 most valuable types of gems; different colors and types of diamonds and sapphires; how diamond cuts have changed through the years (miner’s cut, bruning, European cut, and multi-faceted modern cut); what it means for a gemstone to be chemically enhanced; what an artificial gemstone is; and how technology is blurring the lines between artificial gemstones and natural gemstones. In terms of precious metals, the interview briefly addresses platinum, gold and silver precious metals; how varying the alloys in gold produces different colors of gold; and how you tell the difference between white gold and platinum.

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