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Some of the Books featuring M. Nicole van Dam

Several books have been published that share another aspect of Nicole’s creativity – the written word, as well as combining art with poetry and philosophy for adults/learning for children.

Adult Books:? “Tempo – The Rhythm and Rhyme of the Artist” and “High Spirits!” and “Through the Artist’s Eyes”:?? M. Nicole van Dam is also the author of several adult works, including three books that blend Nicole’s art with inspiration, philosophy, poetry and fun, on a variety of subjects: “Through the Artist’s Eyes” is about romance. “High Spirits!” is about inspiration and pursuing your dreams, accomplishment, and encouragement. “Tempo – The Rhythm and Rhyme of the Artist” provides thinking points and art about everything from the humorous side (cellphones and dieting) to deeper subjects such as coping, politics, and of course love. Each of these books pairs her artwork with Nicole’s writing and philosophy, such as the combination in “Tempo – The Rhythm and Rhyme of the Artist” of the “Voting Booth” painting with her poem “Politics”.? A retrospective of M. Nicole van Dam works has also been published, entitled “M. Nicole van Dam, A Retrospective 2010.”?? M. Nicole van Dam’s current gallery exhibitions often include recitations of her poetry and philosophy combined with her art, in large part taken from her book “Tempo – The Rhythm and Rhyme of the Artist.”

Children’s Books:? Nicole has also written and illustrated a few delightful children’s books, currently published under the “Once Upon a Time”? brand.?? Nicole’s most well-known published children’s book is “Inca Dink, The Great Houndini, Magician in Training.” M. Nicole van Dam is the author and illustrator of this delightful, Seuss-like children’s book, along with being a co-narrator with Dominic Byrne for the digitized version (available on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).?? The main characters of “Inca Dink, The Great Houndini” are Hilary Mouse and Inca Dink, a Leonberger dog magician in training.? A companion book is also available – “The Background Story of Inca Dink, The Great Houndini.”? Nicole created a blog for this book at IncaDink.com. ?“Inca Dink, The Great Houndini” is available in traditional print and digitally (narrated with Dominc Byrne version is digital primarily for Apple Inc. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). “Inca Dink, The Great Houndini” is written in sing-songy rhyme, a bit reminescent of Seuss. Merchandise has been created themed towards these two “Inca Dink, The Great Houndini” characters and is available at GreatHoundini.com.? Another beautifully illustrated children’s book by Nicole is “Rosie and Emma Plant a Seed,” a wonderfully rhymed book about a girl Emma and her Leonberger dog who plant a mysterious seed, and the cast of characters and teamwork they learn along the way. ?Nicole teams up with author Jay Topping to create her third illustrated children’s book, “This Little Puppy.”

How-To Books:? Because of her unique experience in the arts and entrepreneurial endeavors, M. Nicole van Dam has undertaken to create, so that others need not re-invent the wheel, a series of simple, step-by-step hands-on books under the SuperQuick? brand.? The first in the SuperQuick? series is “SuperQuick Facebook Pages & Ads.” The second how-to book in this SuperQuick? series is “SuperQuick WordPress: Easy, FREE and Fast Website, Smart Phone and e-Commerce Solutions!” The third how-to book in this SuperQuick? series is “SuperQuick Solutions – Web Essentials.” ?The fourth book in the SuperQuick??series is “SuperQuick Savvy Business Thinking Points & Interviews”?while the fifth book in the?SuperQuick??series is a book that gives you a guided tour on how to achieve your own objectives using the same methods Nicole has used, in “SuperQuick? Success – Exploring the Successful You: ?A Guided Tour by M. Nicole van Dam.”

Here is an example of a short story written by Nicole, that Nicole was asked to perform in front of an audience. This short story “Nessie” was aired on television five times in 2017:

M. Nicole van Dam attributes her creativity in making these diverse works to the inspiration provided by her family, garden and pets, as shown by her Blog at our1Earth.com


The books you buy on Amazon are not signed personally by Nicole, but instead are shipped directly to you by the seller (not Nicole).

From Nicole:

I’m always happy to sign books for you!? If you would like for me to sign books (and write a personal note to someone), I’ll be happy to do that, please contact me for details.? The process entails your shipping your book(s) to me, in a box with the following things: (1) a legible note to me giving me the name(s) you want on the books and something about each person (helps me write the personal notes); and (2) everything I will need to ship the book back to you (i.e., postage pre-paid packaging addressed to you). ? Please make sure you give me enough time!? Especially in the holiday season!

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