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I so enjoy writing children’s books!? Not only writing and illustrating them, but then sharing the books with my youngest audiences.? Some of my favorite memories are children exploring my books for the first time.? I remember a little girl in a bright red coat so happily reading her book that her Mother had to wait for her to finish reading before they could continue shopping.? Another favorite memory is the smart little boy who, at only four, was not only able to enjoy Inca Dink, the Great Houndini, but he understood the book so well that he asked me if he could have some cheese, because so much of the book is about Inca Dink, the magician in training, helping his friend Hilary Mouse get more cheese!? His Mother and I had a lovely laugh about that. Another favorite memory is a little girl named Emma so proud and happy to have found a book with her name in the title, “Rosie and Emma Plant a Seed“?? I remember when I was a little girl, and the name Nicole was more unusual then, that it was always so hard to find anything with my name, and somehow my parents found a children’s book about a girl named Nicole and her dog Boniface.? I hope little Emma enjoys her book as much as I enjoyed that book with Nicole years ago!

All my children’s books are intended to be happy places to visit – no violence, a little bit of a moral but not over the top, and lots of healthy fun and sharing a love of animals and nature.? My children’s books are currently published under the trade name “Once Upon a Time”?? and include “Inca Dink, The Great Houndini“? and “Rosie and Emma Plant a Seed“? and “This Little Puppy.”??? My children’s books are inspired by nature, my garden, and my family (including pets and amazing God-twins and favorite little girl LillyAnne!).? I am thrilled that usually several of these books sells every week – it means the world to me, to be a part of children’s reading memories, because I always loved to read.

Both Rosie and Emma Plant a Seed? and Inca Dink, The Great Houndini? were inspired by my real life Leonberger dogs, and my Leonberger dogs are sure to be found (along with its Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dachshund, German Shepard, Dalmation, Husky, Poodle and other friends) in my third book This Little Puppy.?

To learn more about the real life Inca Dink, and the “Inca Dink, The Great Houndini” children’s book, please visit incadink.com.?? Fun note: Delightfully narrated interactive digital versions of “Inca Dink, The Great Houndini” are also available for Apple devices (such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), brilliantly narrated by BBC personality Dominic Byrne and now for sale at the Apple store. If you search for Inca Dink in the Apple app store you will find it, or you can find it through this link: Inca Dink, The Great Houndini To learn more about “Rosie and Emma Plant a Seed” please visit “Rosie and Emma Plant a Seed.” To learn more about “This Little Puppy“? please visit “This Little Puppy.”?

The books you buy on Amazon are not signed personally by Nicole, but instead are shipped directly to you by the seller (not Nicole).

From Nicole:

I’m always happy to sign books for you!? If you would like for me to sign books (and write a personal note to someone), I’ll be happy to do that, please contact me for details.? The process entails your shipping your book(s) to me, in a box with the following things: (1) a legible note to me giving me the name(s) you want on the books and something about each person (helps me write the personal notes); and (2) everything I will need to ship the book back to you (i.e., postage pre-paid packaging addressed to you). ? Please make sure you give me enough time!? Especially in the holiday season!

Find in the Apple App store: Playful Animated, Narrated version of “Inca Dink” story on Apple devices such as your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

“Rosie and Emma Plant a Seed”?

"Inca Dink, The Great Houndini" by M. Nicole van Dam

“Inca Dink, The Great Houndini”? by M. Nicole van Dam

“This Little Puppy” available for digital readers and in paperback on Amazon

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