Club Color

As part of my writing and artistic adventures, I meet some wonderful young artists and their parents. These young artists are so talented! Sometimes their parents take pictures of us together and sometimes their parents also email me their children’s artwork. That’s quite fun for me! I thought I’d make a space on my website to share (with parental consent of course) some of the special photos sent to me, and give some feedback that might be helpful. I decided to call this space Club Color!

Meet the Artists

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See the Wonderful Art these Talented Young Artists create

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Some special Club Color Rules: Please keep in mind that this space is only to share the artwork and photos relating to those special young artists that I have personally selected and invited through their parents. This website is not a place that accepts or posts third party art or creations generally. While anyone on the web can view what I post here on Club Color, in terms of submitting art or writing, Club Color is a special corner of my website solely for showcasing and giving some tips to the young talent I have met on my journeys – each of these being young artists that I have invited through their parents. The parents part is very important to me! To best protect children and keep children web-savvy, I only wish to communicate through those parents I have met face-to-face and invited. As much as I wish I could view and post everyone’s work, it’s just not practical. Even for Club Color invited members, I might not be posting everything your parents submit – please understand that if something isn’t posted, that doesn’t mean that your work isn’t beautiful or worthy, it only means that I might not have enough time to do everything I need to do. When you’re older you’ll understand that better ?

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