For the Font of it!

Dear Joel,

Since no webpage is complete without an image, here is the cup of coffee and bluebird of happiness I used to power me through this assignment, I hope it makes you smile:
cofee and bluebird of happiness

Now down to fontses – Here are examples of:

Port Vintage with cutoff problem

Grootland with cutoff problem

using the original files done with Mighty Deals new tool

Grootland without cutoff problem

only after replacement files provided by Mighty Deals using their online tool for webfonts

I also mentioned that the replacement files for MaudyScript, AylaScript, and Prodia now cutoff:
Maudy Script now has cutoff problem with replacement files done with Mighty Deals new tool

verses the original MaudyScript made from original files that worked (but no ttf or css (I wrote css))

I hope this helps!

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