I love my Leonberger dogs – they are absolutely amazing. ?While this does not diminish my deep love for all my pets (and especially my little genius one-of-a-kinder-mutsicle), I admit that my Leonbergers through the years have inspired me to create many children’s books, artworks, and writings for adults. ?If you click on the images you like below, you will find things to purchase with those images – thank you for supporting my work!

One of the first Leonberger designs I created was of a surfing Leonberger, and I used my first (and so amazing) Leonberger dog at around 6 months as the basis for the image. ?The design is called Kawabunga! and it also says “Let’s Hang 10+10” and “Let’s Surf Leos.” ?There are lots of fun things for sale with this image, from mugs to t-shirts to journals to pillows.
Surfing Kawabunga Inca leonberger












I also love sketching?Leonberger dogs doing whimsical?things, such as reading a book. ? One of my popular images is “Reading Leonberger”:

"Leonberger Reading" whimsical Leonberger dog art by M. Nicole van Dam

“Leonberger Reading” whimsical Leonberger dog art by M. Nicole van Dam










This “Reading Leonberger” artwork was selected by Community Memorial Hospital to be part of their permanent collection for their new Cancer Center, so I’m glad it is helping people, very true to the Leonberger spirit.
There are all sorts of goodies like mugs and paper prints and more for sale with this “Reading Leonberger” image at this link.


Here are some other examples of my Leonberger art:

A Dog Understands

A Dog Understands

This artwork was also my beloved first Leonberger, and the artwork is entitled “A Dog Understands.” ?This artwork has been very popular with all dog lovers and has sold as prints, mugs, t-shirts, and much more.


"Inca Dink, The Great Houndini" by M. Nicole van Dam

“Inca Dink, The Great Houndini” by M. Nicole van Dam

I have also written several children’s books with Leonberger stars. ??One of the most popular is “Inca Dink, The Great Houndini.” ?In this book Leonberger Inca Dink causes all sorts of magical mayhem for his mouse friend Hilary.


“Inca Dink, The Great Houndini” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon . There is also?an animated, brilliantly narrated version of “Inca Dink, The Great Houndini” for the iPhone and iPad narrated by BBC personality Dominic Byrne, that was a real treat for me.


Real-life Inca Dink, the Great Houndini

Because the “Inca Dink” book became so popular I created a background book sharing pictures of the real life Inca Dink, who was a great therapy dog, symphony dog, and much more!


Another children’s book I wrote with a lovely Leonberger?as the star?is “Rosie & Emma Plant a Seed.” Rosie, the Leonberger, and her human friend Emma find a mystery seed, and they plant it to see what it might grow into. ?Rosie and Emma make all sorts of bird and animal friends in this adventure.

"Rosie and Emma Plant a Seed," by M. Nicole van Dam

“Rosie and Emma Plant a Seed,” by M. Nicole van Dam









Another artwork chosen by the Community Memorial Hospital for its permanent collection was “Leonberger Family”:

Leonberger Family

Leonberger Family













Another fun Leonberger artwork is “Happy Feet” – those of us who love Leonbergers have all seen ours?happily rolling in the grass, kicking their paws skyward, enjoying the moment:

Happy Feet

Happy Feet









For fun, I’ve combined my 12 favorite Leonberger sketches, along with some sunflowers, tulips and other flowers I painted, into a?wall clock design. ?The clocks show Leonbergers jumping, playing, reading, and being all around wonderful Leonbergers (as Leonbergers?are!):

Leonberger clock
(If you click on the photos of the clocks you will be able to purchase them):

Leonberger clock design

Leonberger clock design with darker frame

Leonberger Clock (silver color frame)

Leonberger Clock (silver color frame)

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