Skirts, Tops, Dresses & Leggings

Golden Gate Bridge Leggings, based on my “The Golden Gate” artwork

Very fun to see my art turned into Leggings, Windbreakers, Dresses, and More!

The Golden Gate

For “The Golden Gate” artwork, created in 2014, I wanted to capture the picturesque San Francisco city scape along with the watery excitement and beauty that surround the famous Golden Gate Bridge. I lived in San Francisco for a wonderful summer and still visit there with my husband when we get the chance. Within a month of its completion, The Golden Gate is one of two artworks highlighted in the “Creatives You Should Know” article on The Creative Network blog that reviewed my artwork and named me as a Creative You Should Know. To have “The Golden Gate” chosen to be featured in the article is important to me and very meaningful. The more you look at this piece, the more you will see. Note, for example, the two sailboats in the foreground. My signature is hidden in the water and actually runs the entire span of the bridge, so while it is hidden, it is not small. Available in Limited Edition prints and on scarves and more, available at

Papillons de Paisley

One of the fun tops based on my Papillons de Paisley artwork

Super Cute Dress based on my Papillons de Paisley artwork!? There are long sleeve dresses and Sundresses? too!


They have hooded and not-hooded Windbreakers based on my Papillons de Paisley artwork – cheery and useful!



Who doesn’t love a fun skirt? This also based on my Papillons de Paisley artwork.

Papillons de Paisley is a fun play on paisley patterns, blending lively colors with my love of butterflies and gardens. The longer you look, the more butterflies you will see. Available in Limited Edition prints and more, available at