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"Golden Gate" Limited Edition Giclee Print


"Golden Gate" Limited Edition Giclee Print 00117

Golden Gate was inspired by Nicole's lovely summer spent in San Francisco, the City by the Bay. Golden Gate is a hand-signed, numbered Limited Edition giclee print on canvas by the artist M. Nicole van Dam. Each Limited Edition will have a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

History of Golden Gate: The original of this work was created in 2014. The more you look at this artwork the more you see, from sailing boats to a magical San Francisco skyline as might be seen from beautiful Sausolito, California. A beautiful vista piece with a unique perspective blending water, bay, ocean and sea motifs with bay bridge and cityscape skyline. This artwork has been licensed onto scarves.

If you would like to purchase mugs, coasters, t-shirts, greeting cards, totebags, scarves, or any of our many other useful products with this lovely design, please visit this link. This artwork, title and design (c), TM, and trade dress M. Nicole van Dam.

Information regarding your order:

This limited edition print is currently available in four sizes, each approximtely square: 18"x18", 20"x20", 24" x24", and 30"x30"

For cost-effective shipping, we can ship your order unframed and without stretcher bars. The shipping amount added to your order is a rough estimate to ship this limited edition work to you with stretcher bars. For further information, please contact us at Email Us

$295 In stock
Choose the Size of Your Limited Edition Print 18"x18" (0) 20"x20" (20) 24"x24" (75) 30"x30" (175)

How to search the Collection by Theme – this is Fun: You can also search our Fine Art Limited Edition collection using the search box at this link by theme (such as searching for water or dance or Paris or Venice or bird)(my favorite way to search), or if you know the title of the artwork you want to find, you can also search by artwork title (such as Le Lac de Reves). If you are interested in purchasing an original artwork or commissioning a work, please contact Nicole.

Important Notes:

Not every artwork in Nicole’s Portfolio is included in our shopping cart mechanism yet, so if you see something that you like in the portfolio but can’t find it here, please contact us. In addition, if you are interested in purchasing an original artwork or commissioning a work, please contact Nicole.
The Limited Editions available for sale through this shopping cart mechanism are in the following widths:? 18″, 20″, 24″ and 30″ wide.? Often we get requests for custom sizes to fit that perfect space – we are glad to price custom sizes for you, please contact us with the name of the artwork you desire and the size you need.

Unless we chat and agree otherwise, Limited Edition Artworks purchased through the shopping mechanism are sent to you professionally reproduced giclee limited editions on canvas, with the canvas professionally stretched onto wooden stretcher bars. We even add hanging wire! That means that each Limited Edition is designed to hang unframed on your wall.? That means you won’t need to do any framing (although you can at any time choose to go to a framer and add a frame around the existing stretcher bars if you choose to, most people like them as we send it to them).

While sending you the Limited Editions on stretcher bars (i.e., ready for hanging on your wall) will save you the time and cost of framing on your end, this also means that shipping can be bulky.? The exact price of shipping will depend on size, weight and insurance amount, as well as on the destination.? That means, if you purchase through this website, the checkout adds a rough (and generally high) estimate of that shipping cost.? We will refund you any excess shipping and insurance you are charged (and ask you to pay if our shipping and insurance estimate is too low).

If you wish to save on shipping, we can send you your Limited Edition canvas artwork rolled in a tube, rather than send you your Limited Edition print already mounted around stretcher bars. If you choose that route, you will then, at your expense of time and money, need to get a professional framer you trust to work with you in framing your Limited Edition canvas.? In our experience, it comes out simpler for you if we send you the Limited Edition canvas artwork ready to hang on the wall, even though the up front shipping is costlier.

Because a lot goes into creating and shipping these Limited Editions, please give us a month (especially during holiday seasons) to get them shipped (although we strive for two-three weeks).

Another alternative to save shipping expense that might interest you is to request that your Limited Edition print be on art paper instead of canvas.? The art paper Limited Edition print will then be sent to you rolled in a tube, after which you can at your expense frame and hang your artwork.? If art paper instead of canvas is of interest to you, please contact us.?

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