Knitting Machine Adventure Continues – I’ve made Worms!

Thanks to my husband, the knitting machine is now set up! Here is what it looks like, kind of like a muscial keyboard for knitting:

Knitting Machine set-up and waiting!

It’s more than a bit intimidating –?here is a closeup up of all the buttons on different parts:

Intriguing Buttons and Dials on the "Carriage" - I've played with these!

-and here is a closeup of the computerized part of this?knitting machine – I haven’t played with any of these?yet!? Better get the basics first!

Closeup of some of the computer buttons of the knitting machine

From this grand machine I have now generated four rolled-up first attempts at ‘casting-on” – I call these little yellow rolls my worms!

Close-up of my very first "worm" on the machine needlebed

Little Worms on Knitting Machine!

Happily many of these mystery buttons should be cleared up soon – Ruth, an experienced machine knitter recommended by my Aunt, has agreed to come give me my first lesson April 19! She is kindly driving quite a way to do it. So much to learn – I can’t wait!

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