Following is a poem, entitled “Love’s Adventure,” which I paired below with the “Moon” painting.? This struck me as?a fun combination.? “Love’s Adventure” is one of the poems in the “Tempo – The Rhythm & Rhyme of the Artist” book (now available in full color paperback on Amazon and elsewhere, as well as on the Kindle and for the Apple iPhone, iPodTouch, and iPad (via the free? “Kindle for the iPhone” app)), while “Moon” has been used?on several products, including glass plates (12″ square) and coasters.? The reality is, though, that when I create these things, I create them for fun, and when they actually can grow into other things, that’s an especial delight, a mystery, and a joy for me.

Love’s Adventure


Let’s zoom through the Milky Way
Zip among the stars
Waltz on tiny Pluto
Tango on Mars

We’ll leave Galileo’s gravity
For Jupiter’s moons
Try Newton’s Laws of Motion
Dancing on Saturn’s dunes

The Sun on our elbow
La Luna at our toes
Earth above our heads
Soaring with the rainbows

We’ll race the comets
To light years away
Stir up another galaxy
Be back in an Einstein day

The constellations will cheer us
We’ll pass a shooting star
Throw a kiss to Venus
Soar from near to far

The Zodiac will whisper its secrets
The skies forever we can share
Make love to me my darling
And we will be there.


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