Poem and Artwork About Taking Care of our Environment – Being Green

Flying Green

It is time to be green
Toss the toxic benzene
Past is oil’s hour
We don’t need crude, sweet or sour
Make way for solar power
Or if not by sun, then by wind or grain
Let’s explore renewable terrain

It’s time to nurture nature
Call it by any nomenclature
We need to wake up now
Save the earth in Earth somehow
Each of us must do our part
When would be a better time to start?
Recycle, be open-minded, try new things
Let your creativity soar on green wings
There are vast open windows to explore
Once we decide to close petrol’s door.

The artwork above the Poem is called “Stoplight” and it is a statement about how nature and our need for living comforts and progress poise a delicate balance.? Note the bird nesting in the yellow light of the stoplight, juxtaposed against the florals and asphalt.? The work was inspired by a phonecall from one of Nicole’s friends, Rosemary, who saw a bird nesting in a stoplight and shared what she saw with Nicole.

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