Season’s Sparrow

So often the lovely sparrow is overlooked, but I love the sparrows in my garden. For one of my first licensing projects, I was asked to design a 3D jar, and I decided to create a jar honoring the sparrows that cheer me through every season. I called the jar “Seasons Sparrow,” and part of the design was that inside the jar it said, “Beauty in All Things.” I also wrote a companion poem “Seasons Sparrow” that was published in the company’s international collector magazine, which was a fun treat – I still have my copy of the magazine. The President of the company told me it was their favorite jar they had ever made, which meant a lot to me. Here’s the artwork, the poem, and how the lovely jar looked:

Seasons Sparrow

Sparrow of Winter
Where did you go
Almost disappearing
Behind drifts of snow
You live in a world of crystal
Glittering ice lining each branch and thistle
Sparkling as you flit your quiet dance
Before you take flight

Sparrow of Spring
In the dogwoods I hear your sweet song
You will be well hidden amidst the leaves
Before long
I see you flying, seeking your mate
Soaring through pastel skies on nature’s date
Building your nest amidst blossoms, buds and green
Your nursery soon full and not easily seen

Sparrow of Summer
Awash in a sea of leaves
Happily singing in the lazy breeze
Your job is done, an empty nest
Testifying that you’ve earned your rest
But ‘tis not all chirp and play
As you busily store Summer’s abundance
For another day

Sparrow of Autumn
Luminous fluttering falling leaves barely distract your eye
As you curiously watch plain me pass by
Raking leaves
You should know me by now, I think you do
I am the one, rain or shine, to fill your feeder for you
Framed by this world jeweled gold and red
The table is well set for my Sparrow to be fed

My Sparrow of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn
My dear, dear friend
I looking forward to spending the seasons with you again.

Seasons Sparrow artwork, name and design (TM) and (c) M. Nicole van Dam. All Rights Reserved.

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